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Richard Bloch is the principal of RBA, a James Beard Award-winning architectural and interior design firm in New York City. His work includes Masa , Bar Masa ,The Plaza Hotel ,Dovetail and Le Bernardin in addition, Richard was a Fulbright Scholar in Turkey, a city planner in Iran and a design consultant for U.S. Government cultural centers in Italy, Germany, Mexico, Great Britain, Belgium and Japan.

Richard worked closely with Camille during the pre-opening stages of bahr | che . Together, they visited and studied over twelve locations before finding the home for bahr | che at 64 Cooper Square in downtown Manhattan. The result of their collaboration is a cleanly-designed space that is unique, contemporary and subtly elegant. Purposely devoid of unnecessary elements, each design feature thoughtfully balances aesthetics and function to tie together the overall dining experience.



Fred's resume speaks for itself. His experience in many of New York City's top restaurants like Gramercy Tavern, Jean Georges and most recently as the National Wine and Beverage Director for the BLT Restaurant Group, has given Fred a very well rounded understanding of the wine and beverage industry.

He has offered his expertise and experience to many of the world's leading wine publications as a taster, commentator, contributor and panelist. His credits include The New York Times, Food and Wine, Wine and Spirits, Wine Spectator, Beverage Media, Food Arts, Sommelier Journal and Wine Enthusiast. He has also been featured in many of the world's leading lifestyle publications including Time Magazine, Men's Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Newsweek and People Magazine and has been featured live on Martha Stewart Radio and MSNBC.